Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Tale of Two Cities

The recent story about the Haitian migrants found dead at sea reminded me of the dichotomous relationship between my home-ville of New York City and my natif-ville Port au Prince. In New York, the islands are the place we go back home to with our bags loaded down by sundry goods. We fly back to the islands renumerating cans of tomato paste, jars of oil, as a host of other fresh from Costco bulk items in containers that the inferma terra of the islands can not digest (i.e. recycle).

In Port au Prince, islands are places where people escape to in hopes of finding work, better living, and maybe if their lucky, a passageway to the United States.

This all makes me wonder, aren't we all somewhat dead at sea, marooned in Mee-ah-mee, Boo-kleen, BO-stonh and Ca-Na-Da and killing one dream so that we can solace in another.



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