Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pelerin for President

United States senator Barack Obama’s recent announcement that he has developed a “exploratory committee” to investigate his chances at a presidential campaign was another major step in what has already proving to be an audacious political career. Obama’s announcement coupled with the recent elevation of singer Wyclef Jean to honorary-international Ambassador for Haiti has prompted me to reconsider my own political aspirations.

In light of these recent announcements, and after careful deliberation with family, friends and advisors, as well as, reading the litany of inspirational comments I receive everyday from the readers of this blog, I am honored to announce that I have decided to run for President of the Caribbean.

You are probably reading this and saying that there is no such office as President of the Caribbean. If not, you are undoubtedly googling said office. Let me spare you the hassle, there is not currently a President of the Caribbean and it is for this very reason that I must pursue this title.

The hundreds of islands making up the Caribbean have survived for far too long without an elected official to oversee the administration of this vast and vital region of the world.

Think about it, we have Caribbean Literature, Caribbean cuisine, and Caribbean cruises, but no Caribbean President. Imagine how confused many tourists must be when they are trying to make up their minds on whether to visit the Caribbean and for the life of them they cannot name the President of the Caribbean. This lack of a Presidential identity undoubtedly instills a sense of uneasiness in many politically conscious would be travelers who when trying to decide whether to visit the Caribbean look up its president in order to discern his political leanings or the political-climate in the country as a whole.

Most importantly, imagine the plight of all the little boys and girls growing up in the Caribbean who grow up listening about the antics of British Prime-Minister Tony Blair, French President Jacques Chirac or US President George Bush, but who are left without their own Caribbean President.

Well today is the day that I tell all the little Barringtons, Marie-Lourdes and Yesenias throughout the Caribbean that they will soon have a President in whom they can trust.

I cannot be President without my fellow Caribbeanists, so I ask that you please continue sharing your thoughts with me on what will make the Caribbean a better place to live and raise your families.

As we prepare to make history together, and we are doing this together, because I do not simply want to become the first President of the Caribbean, but I want you to want me to become your first Caribbean President, I will need your financial help. Please make your campaign contributions via this link.

Thank you,

This message was sponsored by the Pelerin89 for Caribbean President Election Exploratory Committtee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! Cute. First step in the campaign should be to make the Caribbean more self aware and less balkanized.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Georgia said...

I'm right behind you, Nightshift!

But how about if you start by running the entire "Americas" feed on your site instead of just the "Haiti" feed? And maybe allowing folks who aren't Blogger users to leave comments. . . ?

That, to me, would be proof of a genuine commitment to regional integration. :)

Looking forward to the first committee meeting.

Caribbean Free Radio
Global Voices

9:03 AM  

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