Sunday, March 04, 2007

Turquoisean Dialectic

As my democratice American collegaue Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigned for the Black vote in Selma Alabama this weekend, it dawned upon me that it was encumbent upon me to explicitly identify the colored vote that I am courted in my quest to become President of the Caribbean.

Therefore, let it be known that my first and foremost priority as the President of the Caribbean is the Turquoise vote. The Turquoise has gone under-represented in Caribbean politics for way too long. As tourizeration and enviromental mismanagement has bred all forms of decay in Turqoisean communities, the Turquoise vots has become increasingly disenfranchised.

The Turquoise vote lies at the epicenter of Caribbean politics and one can make a strong case that without the Turquoise there would be no Caribbean.

Seriously, no one has ever basked nostalgically about the brown waters of a post-flood island, of the waste-infested seas of Caribbean countries that have become the offshore landfills of their north American counterparts or hotel chains. The Turquoise is an esssential component of Caribbean identity and one that must be retained if theis region is to stay alive and continue being relevant and attractive.

I admire my red, black, white, and brown brothers and sisters, but in 2007 Pelerin 89 is staking his campaigh hopes on the Turquoisean.


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