Monday, May 07, 2007

it was all a facade?/ Wyclef Documentary


i have confession, weeks ago i had begun writing my first entry on this here blog, but than i all but halted. Perhaps it was because i was in transition in my real life (new apartment, new job, etc.) or may be because i wasn't so sure, that in all honesty, that what was commenting on fit Pelerin. But here I am again, swimming through my thoughts, attempting to decide what is what.

the main author of this blog is bent on a mission now to move a movement -- environmental issues facing Haiti, an island i have never been to; but somewhere in me i feel a connection, a connection that could all be a facade once i step foot on it soil.

It's ironic that my main blog is called The Haitian Eclectic, but my mentions of all things Haitian come in spurts and stutters (i may be using those words incorrectly). Call it living and growing up in America under a very Haitian family that pushes for a sort of severing of ties from a home that the elders have left behind for many good reasons (political, economic, violence).

I have received a lot of smart remarks over the years from my parents and other native Haitians, for my growing interest in my heritage. Reactions that have slowly changed into a sort of respect such as the Haitian man i met at a pharmacy in Bedstuy who laughed in a "a young-Haitian-man-is-trying-to-speak-in-our-language-and-I-am-happy-that-he-is" way when i asked if he was Haitian in my terribly bad Kreyol. I knew that he was genuinely glad for my acknowledgment and rebutted my apology pertaining to my bad Kreyol. And as my lady and I walked out of there he asked if she was Haitian as well, slightly disappointed that she wasn't, but not, I think for any negative reason, but because perhaps he doesn't get to meet people my age going out of their way to "communicate."

But until next time, O revwa.

Someone brought up something about a Wyclef Documentary, which peaked my interestand promptly disappeared into my subconscious until today.

Yéle (or Cry) Haiti (scroll down to find the article in the link), follows Wyclef Jean as he travels through Haiti, fulfilling his role as "ambassador."

related link: Yéle Haiti - Wyclef's non-profit organization

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