Friday, June 01, 2007

so the night almost ended in failure


Ron and Ron, and Marc
Photos from Marc Baptiste's Nudes Book Party By Richard Louissaint

I entered my apartment a little after midnight anxious to import the photos i took at the overwhelming and huge gallery opening/book party for Marc Baptiste's latest nude tabletop book; for which i was unimpressed at first glance, as i compared it to his first book which was an important achievement (Beautiful), but looking at the photos, blown up, in the gallery where the event was held, i saw the skill and simplicity of the shots.

But as i connected my card reader, something happened and my mounted flash card disappeared from the screen. This sent me on a 3-hour ordeal to try to reclaim the lost pictures, through google searches for recovery programs on the mac, and getting the program i found to see the card (which i still can't re-format), to finally spending an hour extracting the "lost" photos.

For those who don't know Marc Baptiste is Haitian, accent and all, and one of the top fashion/celebrity photographers in the business, and his crew consists of other talented Haitians including twin designers Ron & Ron. At the conclusion of the party i thought about all the people who were 10, 15 years my senior who were once where i was trying to make things happen, including Baptiste. then later, on the train i turned to Ferentz (the owner of this blog) and said we are the next generation of artist and it's dope that through marriage and kids that Baptiste has a tight knit crew of peers. Of course he replied in his typical fashion downplaying his role as an artist.

more pictures from the party

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